Are You Waiting for the Home Business Fairy to Make You Rich?

Are you expecting an imaginary fairy to swoop in waving her magic wand; making you a wealthy home business tycoon? If you are, you are not alone. BUT NEITHER ARE YOU a WEALTHY HOME BUSINESS TYCOON. Many people sign up for legitimate online business opportunities only to sit back and do nothing....just waiting for all that money to pour in. GOOD LUCK!!!

Treat your a business!

If you operated a small business, would you expect it to generate income for you if you only came to work a couple of hours a week? Or if you didn't take time to learn the business? Or if you only worked at it for only two or three months?

Of course you wouldn't! Sounds silly doesn't it? A home based business is no different. Success requires dedication.

I am constantly astonished at the number of people who believe that money will in some way, as if by magic, fall from the heavens; absent work, plans, or a sincere commitment. All these ingredients MUST be present if you truly expect to achieve any meaningful success with your home business.

The truth is, most things in life that are worthwhile requires a corresponding degree of effort and commitment. If this were not true, everyone would be the perfect weight, everyone would have perfect relationships, and all would be highly educated. Owning your own business is no different.

In short, if you treat your home business as a serious, full-time business, put in the sweat and invest in its success, it will indeed become a serious, full-time business.

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