Fast-Track Your Prosperity Using One Magic Word

A single most effective magic word that can help you save time, increase efficiency, feel better about yourself and accomplish your objectives quicker and simpler is just 2 letters in length! The issue is, it's just about the hardest to utilize. Find out how this little magic word can work for you without experiencing a guilt trip or major upset.

A basic character trait common to prosperous home business owners is the steady, almost overzealous way in which they defend their available time.

Large enterprises and organizations employ individuals and spread the duties, and in spite of the fact that I strongly encourage you to better manage your time by surrounding yourself with individuals who will deal with less important business activities, there is still no getting away from the numerous interruptions and diversions that are a part of a home business life.

People who operate at the top-level of their game whether at work, play or day-to-day living, have figured out how to either wipe out or diminish diversions by mastering the utilization of one basic word ... and that word is "No."

The powerlessness and dread around utilizing these two little letters has caused more home business disappointments, tears, stress, dissatisfaction and relationship problems than any other.

Although numerous new home business owners insist that their shortcomings are simply due to the absence of advertising and deal making skills, the greatest deterrent that is hindering their ability to build up these abilities is the reality that they are not able to say "no" to time-draining activities so they can focus on self-improvement and business growth.

When it comes to handling every business task yourself....just say "no"!.
When you are asked to babysit your neighbor's kids because they have something to do....just say "no"!.
When you are asked to volunteer for some sort of school project....just say "no"!.
When you are asked to loan some of your possessions knowing you will have problems getting them returned....just say "no"!.

When you are asked to listen to a friend's rants about his disappointing life, or drive a relative some where because everyone else is too busy, or do the housework no one has time for, or attend all family functions and on and on and on....

Just Say "NO","NO","NO"!

When you don't say "no" to the endless non-critical interruptions that are demanded of you every time you look up, you will never be able to create a business that brings you success or freedom you desire.

The two greatest hindrances in developing the skill of saying "no" are dread and remorse. Dread that you will be cherished less or rejected and feeling remorseful that you may have harmed somebody's feelings.

Saying "No" doesn't have to hurt anyone or cause you to be rejected and the way you deliver the message can make all the difference for you.

To decline a request be straightforward and confident in your answer by expressing, "I'm very sorry, anyway I need to turn down your request at this moment because I've been so occupied with commitments, I've ignored my own obligations and need to give them my consideration right now."

If others get furious with you or attempt to make you to feel regretful for needing to give yourself the attention you require, it's an ideal opportunity to decide whether or not they're the sort of individuals you need in your life.

Take it one step at a time. Strengthen your "no" muscle slow and simple with small demands on your time and work your way up to the bigger requests. As with any skill, you can build on it...and once you turn into a pro, you'll be able to appreciate the giant strides you've made in your overall personal satisfaction levels and business success.


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