SFI Review 2018

Surprisingly, I found very few “recent” videos providing reviews on the SFI affiliate program. This is especially curious since SFI has been around for nearly 20 years and talks about serving over 18 million people. Either these people are very shy or they don't have an opinion about the program one way or the other.

These reasons do not seem to hold water, however, as SFI has a complete website (SFI Testimonials) showing testimonials from it's members ….. and there are quite a few. So why so few video reviews? To be honest, I just don't know. So for now, a written review will have to suffice.

We have managed to find a video that gives you a good idea of how SFI works. Other than this, we will have to rely on our own experience and input from other reviewers to provide a written account regarding the pros and cons of the SFI affiliate program. So hang in there. We will try to be brief.


How SFI Works



Cool Stuff

  • Home Based
  • Free to join. You can really earn income without spending money
  • Great training (LaunchPad)
  • Your own online store (TripleClicks)
  • Free website(s)
  • Residual income opportunity
  • New Smart Start program
  • New Compensation Plan


Not So Hot

  • Maintaining the rank of Executive Affiliate after the first month is difficult unless you make an investment.
  • Many affiliate complaints about inactive team members in their down-lines.
  • Support takes a long time to respond to concerns.
  • Heavy use of "initials" that must be learned in order to understand documentation an forum posts.
  • Daily task oriented.


Just to let you know, I have been member of SFI for three years. So far, I have had very few problems with the program and have even managed to make significant progress. Since it is free to join with never an obligation to pay anything, you may want to take a serious look.

Well, that should be enough to help you make a decision about joining SFI. You are always welcome to ask a question or make a comment. We promise to respond back to you as quickly as we can. Your input will certainly help others decide whether SFI is something they may want to become involved with.

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